is gambling helping the eco system?

Gambling Is Becoming More And More Sustainable

Sustainable entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important. Just think of the goals Europe has set for 2020 in the field of sustainability. And no company in the world can produce sustainably anymore. This means that a company has to take the 3Ps into account: Planet, Profit and People. This also applies to the gaming industry.

The First P is That of Planet

It’s fun to take a guess, but is it responsible? What do casinos do about sustainability? Let’s look at this from the 3P’s. The first P is Planet’s. Planet stands for dealing with the environment. A big leap forward in this area is the transition from physical locations to online games. Physical games are made of materials that are difficult to break down. Think of PVC and plastic. They also contain many materials that are difficult to recycle and bad for the environment, such as heavy metals. A first win is made by betting more on online games, such as online table games and online casino slots. However, Planet’s P can be even more sustainable and that has to do with the second P: Profit.

The Second P Which is From Profit

Profit means that casinos and other companies in the gaming industry not only want to make a profit – at all costs – but also have an eye for the social side and the environment. An online casino game or a traditional casino slot machine may therefore cost a bit more money, because it contains environmentally friendly materials or because the employees in the gaming industry are not exploited. This last example is directly related to the last P: People.

The Third P is From People

The P of People means that sustainability is not only achieved by producing environmentally friendly games, but also by working on these games in a healthy, social way. Think of a nice working environment with good rules for the staff. Although there is a transition to online games, there are still many land casinos around the world. In addition, offices are needed to keep the online games running. When organizing these, the P of People should also be taken into account.

The 3Ps are the Core of Sustainable Business in the gaming industry.

Can you now say that the gaming industry is completely sustainable? No, unfortunately not. Playing casino slots and other games, both online and offline, takes a lot of energy. Offline games can only play on electricity. Online games often need to be downloaded. All this costs a lot of energy.

The casino industry could become even more environmentally friendly if games were played entirely in the cloud. By no longer downloading games, much less energy is wasted. It is also possible to look at how to achieve more for the environment with less.

Casinos are Taking Steps Towards a Greener World

Casinos have long been the source of a number of environmental concerns. If it’s not their constant energy consumption due to the online casino’s 24 hour opening hours, it’s the carbon dioxide emitted by tourists who travel to casino destinations like Las Vegas to take a gamble at the land casino. But nowadays, most casinos are doing their utmost to become more sustainable. With the following examples we can show how effective the environmentally friendly measures of the casinos can be.

Using Natural Light

One of the biggest consumption items of modern casinos are the lamps. In order not to overemphasize the players’ sense of time, there are no windows in the traditional casinos.

The absence of windows is like the absence of clocks and the repetitive music is meant to make people not think about time. Convenient for the casino because it makes people play longer but the lack of windows means that a lot of light is needed to illuminate the games and halls.

As with many innovations, there was an innovative casino that decided to break with this trend overnight. The Casino located in the United States decided to install skylights in the roof of the casino in 2008. This saved up to 50% in energy costs and even increased the casino’s profits.

Saving Water

A report recently published in the Las Vegas Review Journal revealed that Lake Mead – the water source for both the Hoover Dam and the entire city – had reached its lowest point in almost 80 years.

Researchers have discovered that white rings of sediment are beginning to appear in the water source, indicating that the extreme drought is affecting the entire area. To remedy this problem, engineers have developed a plan to build a 5-kilometre-long tunnel under the lake.

This should lead water to the lake if the water level is likely to fall below a certain level. This is certainly a short-term solution but it is supported by a number of initiatives to save water.


Of course, the city of Las Vegas has always been known as the place of decadence and unrestricted consumption, which is why recycling is sometimes talked about as the city’s best-kept secret. But in fact it is a project to which a number of large parties from Las Vegas have been contributing for years.

The methods used are not always standard. For example, in 2010 the five MGM resorts sent about 7600 tons of food to a pig farm near Vegas. This food was used to feed the pigs. Of course, the resorts also use more traditional ways of recycling. At The Mirage hotel, for example, containers are filled with more than 6 tons of glass, which is recycled every five days.

Conclusion – Going online is Sustainable

There is also a way to play more sustainably that can be put into practice by players without the intervention of the casino. By opting for an online casino website instead of a land based casino, you’ll be playing a lot more sustainably. This way you can easily reduce your ecological footprint. Of course it does make a difference how long you leave your computer on. And whether you normally play at a casino in your hometown or sometimes fly to Las Vegas or Macau to gamble. The range of online casinos is still growing every day. There are plenty of reasons to gamble in online casinos but the durability is definitely one of the best.